Authors' Table at the Bluemont Fair

September 28, 2008

Local + Author = Good Reads

At the 2008 Bluemont Fair, September 20-21, Friends of Bluemont again hosted the local authors table.  This year saw a great variety of types of books—all entertaining.  Books were cordially signed and eagerly purchased.  Remarked one author on Saturday evening: “I sold more books today than I have all year.”

B. Brandon Barker of Upperville brought his witty fantasy novel, Operation EMU.

Ray Derby of Winchester brought his defense thrillers, The Shadow Government, Clouds of Deception, and Bradley’s Ghost.

F.M. Parker of Purcellville, a popular writer of western adventure novels, brought more than a dozen titles, including The Searcher, Distant Thunder, and The Predators.

Mark Leepson, historian, author, journalist, of Middleburg brought his Saving Monticello, Dictionary of the Vietnam War, Flag: An American Biography,  and Desperate Engagement, about the crucial Civil War  Battle of Monocacy, which was fought  just across the Potomac River from here and saved Washington D.C.

Leah Taylor, in company with Oreo, the wonder [miniature] horse, brought order blanks for her book, Horses of the Presidents—The second printing shipment had not arrived as of Bluemont Fair weekend.

L. Claire Kincannon, from  Paeonian Springs  brought  Rockin’ with Porch Memories, a  collective memoir in words and pictures celebrating the great American porch, and other works.

B. Branden Barker

Ray Derby and F. M. Parker

Leah Taylor and Oreo