New Bicyclist Advocacy Group Seeks Community Input

March 31, 2009

BikeLoudoun is a new bicycle advocacy group whose mission is to achieve a safe, comprehensive network of bikeways throughout the county.  It believes that the goal can be reached if recommendations contained in the Loudoun County Bicycle and Pedestrian Mobility Master Plan are implemented by the County.

Since the County’s Transportation Plan is currently being revised, BikeLoudoun is asking the community to identify the most dangerous roadways and intersections for pedestrians and bicyclists.  With this information in hand, they will coordinate with the Loudoun County planning and transportation staffs as well as the County Planning Commission to improve these areas so that bicycle and pedestrian travel becomes safer and more accessible.

Please send your recommendations to Pat Turner, Co-chair, BikeLoudoun, at by Thursday, April 2, 2009.

BikeLoudoun meetings are open to everyone. The group values input and participation from those who currently bike or who would consider biking as a mode of transportation if our roads accommodated bicyclists safely.  The BikeLoudoun website is and their Yahoo discussion group is here.  The next BikeLoudoun meeting is Wednesday, March 25 at 7 p.m. at the Ashburn Library, 43316 Hay Road, Ashburn, VA  20147.

For more information, contact:

320 Samantha Drive
Sterling, Virginia 20163
Contact: Pat Turner
Tel: (703) 444-4199