Tom Hatcher's Christmas Message, 2013

December 10, 2013

We have heard from Tom Hatcher, who acted as the lead member of the Hatcher family -- which in 2010 generously donated the historic Snickersville Academy (founded 1825) to Friends of Bluemont.

Tom Hatcher, who lives in Florida, recently sent two notes, dated December 3, which I want to share with readers of this website.


I want to thank you so much for the work and efforts you have made in keeping us informed about all of the tremendous restoration of the Snickersville Academy. I know that my Mother would be so proud of each and everyone that has had a part in these efforts.

Please forgive me for being so negligent in getting back to you, and we would like to thank you for the Amaryllis bulb. It is already taking off in this Springlike Florida weather. We were out of town for a while visiting our children in South Florida before Thanksgiving.

Please give all of the wonderful folks in Bluemont our love.

Tom and Betty Hatcher

Hatchers' Florida Cotton Fields, just after Thanksgiving 2013

Tom sent this photo, taken just after Thanksgiving, of the Hatchers' Florida cotton fields, with a kind of Christmas prayer, below:

Hi Susan,

I just wanted to show you our white fields of Cotton.

It reminds me of what Jesus said, "The fields are white unto Harvest, but the laborers are few, pray The Lord of The Harvest send laborers."

This Nation is in the greatest need it has ever been Spiritually.

Our prayers are America would be white unto Harvest as these fields, very soon.

Thank you again,


As boys in the 1950s, Tom and his brother Walter spent summers in Bluemont with father and mother Sam and Catalina (Kitty) Hatcher in the Stone Cabin up in the woods, above what is now the Boulder Crest Retreat for veteran and military wellness.

Long-timers in Bluemont like to tell stories about Tom's mother, with her great originality of character and enormous love of The Mountain above Bluemont. Well into the 1990s, Kitty Hatcher would come back to Bluemont for summer visits. She stayed in the rough-hewn shelter of the Snickersville Academy, atuned to the beauty of the land and delighting in its wild creatures -- only leaving the Academy to walk over and sleep the night at the nearby home of Betty and Sonny Colbert.

Merry Christmas from our own snowy white fields to the Hatcher family, who by their gift started the restoration of the Snickersville Academy in Bluemont.