Ashby Family in Bluemont, Mid-1940s
By Susan Freis Falknor
April 23, 2015

Gladys Ashby

This candid photo captures a teen-age Gladys Ashby, one morning in Bluemont, around 1943 or 1944.

She sits in front of Bluemont's historic E.E. Lake Store, where the U.S. Post Office was located at that time. Her schoolbooks are piled up beside her. She seems to be wearing glasses.

Gladys Ashby was born August 27, 1926 and died March 21, 2002. This and other photos in this story were supplied by Linda Martz.

The railroad era E.E. Lake Store is now being restored as a Loudoun Visitors' Center through a partnership with Loudoun County and the Bluemont Citizens Association. The original mailboxes are still there.

Below there are two other Ashby photos taken around that time. One shows Doris and Nelson Ashby as children. The other shows Frank Ashby with his pet fox.

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Frank Ashby & pet fox Doris and Nelson Ashby
Frank Ashby holding his pet fox on a leash. Doris and Nelson Ashby