Ryand "Bert" Ruble, W&OD Engineer
By Susan Freis Falknor
November 21, 2015

Ryland "Bert" RubleAmong the many engineers who drove the Washington and Old Dominion Railroad was Ryland "Bert" Ruble.

He worked on the W&OD from the mid-1930s until the mid-1950s, according to his grandaughter, Mary Timpano. Ryland Ruble was born April 1, 1903 in Craig County, Virginia and died June 22, 1980 in Falls Church, Virginia.

In 1900 the rails were extended from Round Hill to Bluemont--connecting to Washington, D.C. and launching an era of summer tourist trade for the Blue Ridge Community. The train ran with its last stop in Bluemont from July 4, 1900 to 1939.

Having lived in Round Hill for many years, Mary Timpano recently left the area but, before she did, she sent these photos about railroad days to www.BluemontVA.org. (See captions beneath each picture, below.)

Ruble at the Controls
Ryland "Bert" Ruble at the controls.
Car 41 at Bluemont
Engineer looks from W&OD's Car 41 at Bluemont Station. From 1912 to 1916, the W&OD electrified all of its operations, becoming an inter-urban electric trolley system that carried passengers, mail, milk and freight, according to Wikipedia. Service to Bluemont ended in 1939.
Cab 41-Bluemont Station
This shot, showing the entire station name, makes it clear that Car No. 41 is indeed at Bluemont Station.
Virginia Creeper in Cherrydale
News clip photo commemorates the "Virginia Creeper," a nickname for the W&OD's passenger service, which ended in 1951. Photo shows the Cherrydale section of Arlington.