Banners & Hand Maps Highlight Bluemont History

September 1, 2016
By Susan Freis Falknor

The Heritage Committee of the Bluemont Citizens Association and other local history-minded organizations have joined forces with Friends of Bluemont to bring out the stories behind the memorable buildings of Bluemont.

The bright blue banners you see all over Bluemont mark the dates of our most historic buildings.

Hand maps, a “Walking Tour of Old Bluemont,” guide you to the major points of historical interest. Use your smart phone to scan QR code at bottom of card for more details on each place. During the Bluemont Fair, you can pick up this free map at the E.E. Lake Store and the Bluemont General Store.

Until the end of the Blue Ridge fall leaf color season, the tour maps will be available at the Bluemont General Store, the Post Office, and the Bluemont Community Center.

Bluemont Heritage Walking Tour map--right.