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Christmas at the Cabin: Ronn Spinner Remembers Christmas with Grandma Susie Neal

By Ronn Spinner, Sr.

At Grandma's house it was not much emphasis put on the so called glitter of the Christmas season. All that really mattered was the reason for the season. It was more important to give than receive. Putting up a tree to see how it looked after all the trimming brought so much joy and unity to the family. ...more...

December 19, 2014
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Ronn Spinner Remembers His Brother Rocky and their Childhood with Grandma Susie Neal in Bluemont

Our dear brother Rocky visited the cabin [Snickersville Academy] around late September, [at the Bluemont Fair]  with Aunt Susie [Sue Gibson Colbert] and some of my other relatives. ...more...

December 9, 2014
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Chinker in a Bag -- Unusual Gift Teaches History to Children at 2014 Bluemont Fair

A log cabin gets its strength--not only from the heavy tree trunks of the walls--but also from the daub between them, reinforced with stones called "chinkers. ...more...

November 16, 2014
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Sad news...the passing of Rocky G. Spinner, one of Susie Neal's grandchildren

Mr. Spinner--who with about a dozen family members visited the Snickersville Academy on September 21, the Sunday of the recent Bluemont Fair--died October 1.

He spent time as a child at the old schoolhouse. The historic log cabin, Bluemont's first school and church (1825),was home to grandmother Susie Neal from the mid-1940s to the 1970s. ...more...

October 1, 2014
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Kids from My First Camp at Bluemont Visit Snickersville Academy August 15, 2014 By Susan Freis Falknor

On Friday, August 15, fourteen children ages five to eight walked from the Bluemont Community Center to the Snickersville Academy, accompanied by teacher Lynn Harris, parent Christiana Boucher, and Friends of Bluemont President Susan Freis Falknor. ...more...

August 20, 2014
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Chink & Daub at Snickersville Academy--Racing Towards the 2014 Bluemont Fair

The chink and daub work to seal the log walls of the Snickersville Academy--heading for completion this summer--gives, as Justin LaMountain remarks--"a new meaning to the words, 'restoration using local materials.'" ...more...

August 11, 2014
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1826 Sampler Commemorates Bluemont's Snickersville Academy

A historic sampler has come to light from the earliest days of Snickersville, now called Bluemont.

The elaborately embroidered sampler is decorated with the alphabet in print and script as well as the numerals, festooned with grapes, pineapples, rosebuds, ivy vines, and a weeping willow tree.

It bears the inscription: “Lucy Ann Bradfield, Snickersville Academy, 1826." ...more...

June 16, 2014
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Major Repairs at Historic Snickersville Academy
By Mark Zalewski

Repairs are underway to chimney, foundations, and log walls. -- in THE LOG BOOK, our restoration project newsletter -- Summer 2013 issue.

August 2013
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"Snickersville Academy Restoration Advances"
By Margaret Morton, in LEESBURG TODAY

Snickersville Academy restoration and thefamily of long-time resident, Susie Neal, were featured recently in one of Loudoun County's leading newspapers, Leesburg Today. Click HERE to read story online. When in the Leesburg Today story, be sure to click on both "thumbnails" to enjoy both photos.)

August 8, 2013
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Corley Gift Brings Snickersville Academy Rocking Chair Back Home

By Susan Freis Falknor

Before they left for their new home in North Carolina, long-time Bluemont residents Don and Linda Corley donated this beautiful antique rocking chair to Friends of Bluemont. ...more...

July 30, 2013
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The Mystery of the Tilted Cabin
By Mark Zalewski & Susan Freis Falknor

A fact of life in restoration work is that -- regardless of extensive consultation and careful planning -- restorers cannot know for certian what the structural problems are until they dig in. In THE LOG BOOK, our restoration project newsletter -- February 2013 issue.

February 2013
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Painstaking Log Work Is Key to Restoring Bluemont's Historic Snickersville Academy

By Mark Zalewski

Update: With the expert guidance of knowlegeable Erik Westergard, a delicate process began in May to level the floor of the Old Schoolhouse and to repair or replace some logs in the much-weathered south wall. ...more...

September 1, 2012
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Snickersville Academy Stabilization Update -- By Mark Zalewski
Feeding the Muse Fundraiser for Snickersville Academy Held at Carrington House

At the lawn party fundraiser, Sue Gibson Colbert hugs her grandmother's (Susie Neal's) old neighbor, Betty Poston Colbert. In THE LOG BOOK, our restoration project newsletter -- Summer 2012 issue.

July 2012
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Log Work Underway to Restore Bluemont's Historic Snickersville Academy

by Mark Zalewski

Efforts to stabilize the Snickersville Academy, built in 1825, are now underway. ...more...


July 22, 2012

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Cub Gift Scout Pack 961 Tackles Stream Renewal at Snickersville Academy

Boys in Cub Scout Pack 961 gentle the slope of the bank and plant willow twigs on May 6, 2012 in efforts to stabilize the choked-up stream running by the Snickersville Academy. ...more....


May 6, 2012

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Church Youth Volunteer, Tour Snickersville Academy

On February 25, 2012, six young volunteers from the Purcellville Baptist Church made Bluemmont's Snickersville Academy part of their DNOW (Disciple Now) Youth Ministry Retreat. ... more...

March 1, 2012


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Snickersville Academy Tours Get Big Play in Purcellville Gazette Article on 2011 Bluemont Fair

... "One of the larger draws of the weekend was the guided tour of the Snickersville Academy that was built in 1825. This tiny log building was the first schoolhouse and church in the village. This was an opportunity for the community to tour the structure that is not normally accessible." ... more...

October 10, 2011

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Sturdy Replacement Foot Bridge Eases Access for Snickersville Academy

Although it lies just behind the historic Carrington house on Snickersville Turnpike across from the intersection with Clayton Hall Road -- it wasn't always easy to see your way to Bluemont's historic Snickersville Academy. ...more...

April 25, 2011


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Hunting for History at Bluemont's Snickersville Academy - By Joe Bakos

On a chilly Sunday morning in late November 2010, Susan Freis Falknor of Friends of Bluemont joined Todd Peal and me, to search for artifacts at Bluemont's Snickersville Academy....more...

January 26, 2011
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Bluemont's First Schoolhouse Gets New Start

Old Bluemont village has a "new" historic site: the 185-year-old Snickersville Academy, originally built to serve the young village as a schoolhouse, church, and a community meeting hall. ...more...

October 25, 2010