The River (Shenandoah)

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401 - Ferry Crossing, M F Castleman
(Frances B Johnson, courtesy of the Library of Congress, courtesy Dr. Geraldine Kiefer)

402 - Blue Ridge and Shenandoah near Bluemont
(T W Whitaker)

403 - The Blue Ridge and a glimpse of the Shenandoah River from Castlemans Ferry

404 - Bridge over Shenandoah at Castlemen's (sic) Ferry
(T W Whitaker)

405 - Castleman's Ferry, VA, and bridge over Shenandoah
(T W Whitaker)

406 - Castleman's Ferry, Bluemont
(Frank M Boteler)

407 - Bridge over Shenandoah at Castleman's Ferry
(T W Whitaker)

408 - Bridge over Shenandoah, Castleman's Ferry, near Berryville

409 - Shennandoah (sic) River and Castlemans Ferry Bridge, Berryville

410 - Junction of Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers, Meeting of the States of Maryland, West Virginia and Virginia. Harper's Ferry, W. Va.