The Village of Bluemont (Snickersville)

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101 - The Snickersville Academy

102 - Bluemont Log Cabin
(Frank M Boteler)

103 - House in Bluemont
(Frances B Johnson, courtesy of the Library of Congress, courtesy Dr. Geraldine Kiefer)

104 - Stagecoach in Bluemont
(Frances B Johnson, courtesy of the Library of Congress, courtesy Dr. Geraldine Kiefer)

105 - The Mail Carrier, Bluemont
(Frank M Boteler)
(Courtesy Paul McCray)

106 - Old Toll Gate in Bluemont
(Frances B Johnson, courtesty of the Library of Congress, courtesy Dr. Geraldine Kiefer)

107 - The Old Stone Church, Bluemont

108 - Main Street Looking East, Bluemont
(Courtesy Paul McCray)

109 - Village of Bluemont
(Clyde Beck)

110 - Bluemont, VA
(Frank M Boteler)

111 - Same view 100 years later
(David Zincavage)

112 - The Winchester Pike

113 - The Blue Ridge Inn

"In the Gap... is a pretty summer hotel, known as the Blue Ridge Inn, built in 1892, by Mr. Jules Demonet, of Washington, and William Lynn, of Loudoun County.  The Inn during the interval since its opening in 1893, under the excellent management of Colonel Daniel Grosvenor, of Washington, has been a favorite resort for the people of Washington and Baltimore.

During one summer the Inn was almost entirely occupied by professors and students from the Johns Hopkins University, and there was maintained throughout the summer a most  interesting series of lectures upon historical and scientific themes.  While the capacity of the Inn is limited and it has always been filled to overflowing, its excellent table, comfortable rooms, with the coolness and evenness of the mountain temperature and the delightful scenery on every hand being well known it is the plan of the present proprietor, Mr. Demonet, to enlarge various buildings to as to increase the size of the Inn to twice its present number of rooms.  Guests of the inn enjoy a great variety of outdoor pursuits.  Within a short walk of the hotel is the famous Bear Den, a rocky precipice, overlooking an almost boundless sea of treetops stretching away to the Shenandoah River."

   —from On Every Height There Lies Repose, a Southern Railway brochure circa 1900.

114 - Blue Ridge Inn
(Frank M Boteler)

116 - The Loudoun

118 - Bluemont Community Center

115 - Back of postcard (114)

117 - U.S. Weather Bureau
(Frank M Boteler)
More information about the U.S. Weather Bureau and Mount Weather

119 - RR (Railroad) Avenue, Bluemont
(Courtesy Paul McCray)

120 - Whitehall, A Gentleman's Estate in Historic Loudoun County, Virginia
(between 1894 and 1912)
(Courtesy Paul McCray)

A beautiful estate comprising about 320 acres of well tilled farming and grazing land with mansion house and necessary tenant houses, stable and out-buildings, the mansion house containing all the conveniences of a City home.

This property, lately the home of a gentleman prominent in affairs, social and business, of the national capital, is situated at Bluemont, Snickers Gap, Loudoun County, Virginia, in the immediate vicinity of many handsome estates, and near Mount Weather, the principal station of our Weather Service, is offered for sale to close an estate.

Bluemont is on the Southern Railroad, about 58 miles from Washington, near Leesburg, Warrenton, Upperville and Berryville, and enjoys a delightful climate.

For further information and permit to inspect the estate, address the Union Trust Company of the District of Columbia, Trustee.

121 - Blue Ridge Herald, December 4, 1924, debating the provision of rural high schools
(Courtesy Paul McCray)