Biography of Susan Freis Falknor

February 15, 2012

Susan Freis Falknor  

As President of Friends of Bluemont, Inc., Susan Freis Falknor coordinates the restoration of the Snickersville Academy, a small log house in Bluemont village that was built in 1825 as a school and house of worship.

Friends of Bluemont plans to preserve the historic building, which it now owns, for future generations and to create a park on the small property on which it sits.

Falknor also seeks out long-time residents of the Bluemont area to interview them for the “Reminiscences of Bluemont” series of articles on the website.

Professionally, Susan Freis Falknor has served as a researcher and editor at the American Enterprise Institute, Urban Institute, Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, Population Reference Bureau, Robert Wood Johnson, and SAGE Computing, Inc., among others. She continues this work as an independent contractor.

She has a BA degree in Humanities from the University of Chicago and an MA in English from the University of Maryland.

Falknor and her husband Richard have lived in Bluemont since 2001.

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