Marie Scott - Working for a Small-Town Vet

January 15, 2012

- Susan Freis Falknor & Pam Forbes


1- "Born & Raised in Bluemont"

3 - First Baptist Church of Bluemont

Susan. Have you always lived in Bluemont?

Marie. Mom and I lived in Leesburg after Dad passed away. We lived for nine years in Leesburg. Until she passed.

Susan. And then you came back to Bluemont somewhere before you lived here, near the church?

Marie. I lived in Purcellville for a while. And then I moved here.

Susan. But always, it seems, there’s this attachment for you for Bluemont.

Marie. Umm hm.

Pam. When you graduated from high school, what did you do?

Marie Graduation Marie-raincoat
A picture of the graduate Marie as a young woman
Diploma Marie in her first car-a 1963 Ford Falcon
Diploma, Douglass High School, Leeesburg, Virginia, June 5, 1957 Marie in her first car -- a 1963 Ford Falcon

Marie. When I graduated from high school I did some housework. And then I went to a couple of different schools in Washington. I stayed with my sister Ruth during the week and then I’d come back home. And then, after that, I worked different places – cleaning houses and then helping with whatever I could find to do. I did that for years and years and then I went to work for Dr. Roberts.

[Below: Mary Scott, Marie's sister]

Portrait of Marie ScottSusan. Who’s that?

Marie - Vet's officeMarie. Dr. Roberts was a veterinarian in Purcellville. I worked for Dr. Roberts 33 years. Later he sold his practice and went to Blacksburg.

Pam. When Dr. George Washington bought the practice was that when you left?

. Dr. Roberts worked along with Dr. Washington for a while and then he took over the practice. But Dr. Washington was real nice. He was good to work with. He was nice to me. Then, Dr. Chamberlin came in. Wonderful, wonderful person. But then Dr. Chamberlin passed. Then they had various ones that came in, different helpers that they used to look after the animals and do whatever.

But after 33 years with the practice, I said to myself, 'Look. It’s time to go.' And I moved on.'

Pam. I remember that’s when I met you. Sometime in the years I knew you told me you’d been working there 27 years at that time. You said, “I came here to help out on a part-time basis, and I’ve been here 27 years.” So it obviously got up to 33 years. [laughter]

Marie. I have an article there by Dr. Chamberlin when he bought the practice. It’s a newsletter.

Where it is?

Marie. Over at the church. You see, when I moved, I just didn’t have enough space.

Pam. I didn’t ever know Dr. Chamberlin, but when we moved here, I heard about him all the time. Newspaper articles and so on. He was very well loved, but he was very ill.

Marie. Dr. Chamberlin was one in a million. A wonderful, wonderful man.

Pam.  I remember you held my husband’s hand – well not really—when we brought our big dog in to be put down. The vet had been working on her for about two years, giving her steroids and keeping her going. They discovered what it was, and she got about two years of life after that. But finally it was the end.

I had to go to work that day, so my husband had to bring her in. So, they laid her down on the floor. I don’t know if it was George or who it was who gave her the dose. And my husband was crying. But he said, “Oh, I never liked this dog anyway!” And you said in a shocked tone: “Why Mr. Forbes!” [(laughter]

. I made some really, really nice friends there. Just – wasn’t nothin’ too good for Marie. Ms. Beck came in, Editor of Southern Living magazine. She painted that (points to painting on the wall) and brought it to me. Then I have one by Marie Schmidt, the artist in Leesburg. And then Mrs. Jacobs, she did that woodwork. She gave me that. Then I’ve got a picture back here from Nancy Hanna.

Pam. Well, it was a small country vet’s office.

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