Marie Scott - The First Baptist Church of Bluemont

January 15, 2012

- Susan Freis Falknor & Pam Forbes


"1 - "Born & Raised in Bluemont"

2 - "Working for a Small-Town Vet

Church at Snickers GapSusan. What can you tell us about this church? Did you go to this church when you were growing up here? 

Marie. I went to this church even when it was up on the mountain. [Photo left shows the church at its original mountain location with Snickers Gap in the background.]

Pam. How did you get there, did you walk?

Fundraising Rally for New Church, 1922Marie. We walked from my house next to where they just remodeled that house [across Snickersville Turnpike from Clayton Hall]. There was a little dirt road between two houses,  and then a little stream that had boards around it, and then we would walk up the mountain to the church on the mountain. Climb the hill and then go up the mountain for church. 

Susan. About how many people were in the congregation?

Marie. Oh, I guess about a dozen. Of course we had service only every second and fourth Sunday. Sunday school, prayer service.

Susan. So it was quite an active church community.

Church ConstructionMarie. And those that moved, because of work, they come back. They always come back. Oh my word, I’m telling you. Those precious, precious memories.

When the church moved, how old were you? Do you recall about how old you were when they moved it down here?

Marie. I was still a child. Still in elementary school. 

Pam. If you were born in ’38 it could have been ’49 or ’50.

Marie. But we’ve got pictures of that, in the pastor’s study. Jim Henderson he took the pictures and put all the dates on the bottom of the pictures.  So we’ll have to go over there and look sometime. [Marie goes to her albums.]

Susan. Oh, is this soon after when it was moved? This looks like Snickersville Turnpike, as a muddy dirt road?  So it looks like they put a foundation down and then brought the church to it.

Marie. Yes, they built the foundation right here. Here’s the plan, the drawing. Plan for Church

Pam. Look at this ticket: “Rally for the Baptist Church Bluemont, Virginia, Sunday, May 28, 1922 for the purpose of completing our new building.”  [Note: apparently it took some years to raise the necessary funds..]

I think you were telling me that you had something to do with taking care of the church building in recent years.

Marie. Things like painting? I guess i t must have been in ’07, ’08. And then the roof after Katrina hit. See we needed a new roof then. 2005. I took my CD out of the bank.

Pam. I remember one time when the Round Hill Baptist Church worked with your church.That must have been back in the ‘80s. But the churches worked together on something like that.

Marie. I don’t know.

Church in field Church in color
New Church New Location
Three early snapshots of the new church plus the sign currently at the church. Note that Snickersville Turnpike is unpaved in the center photo.  

Susan. Are there still people involved in the church, the church still has a board of directors?

No. I’m the trustee. Everybody’s gone. We haven’t had service since Layman Page left. That was 2006-2007. He had been here for 13 years. He was a lay speaker.

Pam.  Do you know Austin Grove church? They still have services down there – a couple of times a month I imagine.

Austin Grove Church irst Baptist Church of Bluemont-Sign
Austin Grove Baptist Church (Rock Hill), about four miles south of Bluemont Sign currently in front of the Bluemont First Baptist Church
Rev. James racy Decon Robert Scipio Order of Service
Reverend James Tracy- former pastor Deacon Robert Scipio
-"32 years of service"
Last order of service

Marie. Our church used to go religiously to Rock Hill church -- going backwards and forth. The churches really communicated.  But I haven’t been out there in a long time.

Pam. I thought maybe they had a preacher that would go to one church, and then another, and then another….

Marie. Well, that’s the way they did in Purcellville – Purcellville, Rock Hill, and Austin Grove.

Did you say “Layman?”

Marie. Well, his name is James Page.  He was a layman preacher. Now he is an ordained minister. He has a Methodist church, and I think his mother said he had 50 members. I hope they multiply. 

And Reverend James Tracy – a wonderful man --  helped everybody. He was the one that sent, that asked about Layman Page coming to worship with us, because we didn’t have a minister. So he gave us 13 years of service.

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