1977 Directory: The United Methodist Church, Hillsboro, Bluemont, Roszell Chapel Loudoun County, Virginia

Hillsboro Pages

August 21, 2011

- Susan Freis Falknor

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Only a few of these 32-page 1977 United Methodist church directories still survive. Judy Anderson of Bluemont lent her copy so that it could be scanned in and shared over the internet with friends near and far.

The Directory supplies greeting from the pastor, Dr. Garland Wayne Jordan, a brief history of each of the three churches, photos of choir and musicians, portraits of the families of the church, and a membership list of each church.

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Hillsboro Pages: United Methodist Church, 1977 Directory
Directory cover Back cover Garland Jordan, Pastor
Front cover of directory Back cover of directory Dr. Garland Wayne Jordan, Pastor
History of Hillsboro Church Robbie Thompson & Choir Families: Benjamin-Hamilton
History & picture of Hillsboro church Robbie Thomson, organist & choir Families: Edna Benjamin - James Hamilton family
Families: Hamilton-Moxley Families: Painter-Rogers Rogers-Williams
Families: Lehon Hamilton family - Lester Moxley, Jr. Families: Nettie Painter - Mr. & Mrs. Paul Rogers Families: Mr. & Mrs. Steven Rogers - Elizabeth Williams
Members: Abel-Hall Members: Hamilton-Potts Members: Potts-Virts
Members: Elsie Abel - Jeff Hall Members: James Hamilton - Allan Potts Members: Lane Potts - Mabel Virts
Members: Virts-Wines    
Memberst: Marian Virts - Gordon Wines    

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